Cafeteria software

The myCafeteria software is a complex, specifically tailored software, which facilitates the safe and accurate administration of the employees’ fringe benefit scheme.

The program comprises three core databases:

  • the employees’ master database, containing the core data of employees with the cost centre;
  • the benefits’ master database, containing the maximum/minimum limits of the various benefit types by employee groups;
  • the employee groups’ master database.

The application contains the benefits selected by the employees for each year and month.

Offering a variety of filtering options the software is capable of generating a large number of statements. The statements (lists) are available in HTML, Excel (two types, depending on the version number of the available application) and PDF formats. (The HTML format supports quick enquiry, PDF facilitates printing in edited form without changes, while the Excel export serves the purpose of generating additional statements, as required).

Upon leasing the software, the application remains on our server. The back-up and security of the data shall be our responsibility, instead of yours. You and your employees can access and use the software via the internet.

Further advantages of the application:

  • It provides web-based access, thereby facilitating – amongst others – the obtaining of employee declarations remotely, via the Internet connection;
  • Consolidated management of the value of the benefit components, monitoring the tax-free limits;
  • In the case of invoice-based settlements, management of items across multiple months;
  • Monitoring of benefit components running through multiple years;
  • Generation of monthly summaries for posting the voucher and preparing the payroll;
  • It contains declaration-based control list to eliminate errors.