Monthly regular payroll services:

  • Monthly payroll with determined term by the client;
  • Service of social securities’ activities;
  • Joiner: announcement to social insurance, health insurance;
  • Leaver: making certificates, sending to social insurance, health insurance;
  • Registration of absences into the system;
  • Reconciliation of holidays in case of claim;
  • Generating transfer file;
  • Providing paying envelopes and sending them in case of claim;
  • Preparing statement of cost centre;
  • Preparation of book entry according to the client’s system of accounts;
  • Registration of budget contacts, regular information of paying;
  • Providing unique management reports in case of claim;
  • Preparation of monthly tax and other tax returns and sending them in case of claim.

Yearly activities:

  • Reconciliation of holidays from previous year;
  • Collecting employee declarations;
  • Preparing yearly tax and other tax certificates for preferences;
  • Preparing yearly returns;
  • Preparing personal income tax returns for self-taxpayers in case of claim.

Social security paying agent tasks

  • Calculation and recording of sick-leave benefits;
  • TGYS (pregnancy and child-birth allowance);
  • GYÁP (sick child-care benefit);
  • GYED (child-care fee);
  • Settlement with OEP, compilation and submission of statistics;
  • Compilation and submission of quarterly reports and statistics;
  • Keeping the social security cash-book.