Tax compliance services

As part of this service we perform the followings:

  • Preparation of tax returns (VAT, corporate tax, other taxes, local taxes);
  • Administration, representation in connection with VAT registrations;
  • Representation of the course of tax audits;
  • Administering of tax refunds;
  • Revision, due diligence review of tax administration.

As part of our tax compliance services we perform the complex, continuous tasks related to tax compliance and regularly prepare the tax returns. For those clients that – by virtue of their size – operate an independent accounting and financial unit, but wish to transfer the risks of taxation to an experienced, external service provider, we perform the tasks related to tax affairs in the framework of regular and continuous services. As part of compiling the tax returns, we prepare – based on the payroll figures – the returns on other taxes, declaration of advances and the corporate and municipal trade tax returns at year end.We prepare the VAT return monthly/quarterly, review and reconcile the sub-ledgers and vouchers, thus we have the opportunity to clarify the potentially arising issues/problems even prior to submitting the returns. In such cases we obviously take responsibility for the returns, and if there is also a tax reclaim, we proceed on behalf of the client and represent it during the tax audits.

Our company also deals with the VAT registration of foreign undertakings in Hungary, where – subject to maintaining intensive relations with the foreign undertaking – we prepare and submit the tax returns on transactions conducted under the Hungarian tax number, and if the tax authority wishes to perform an audit, we represent the foreign company concerned during such audits.

If you are not sure or were not in the position to obtain undisputed evidence that your tax compliances and returns are in order and the related documentation is also adequate, or there is merely any special circumstance that justifies the identification of risks and addressing the problems, our experts can be of help to you in this area as well.

Relying on our extensive professional experience of several years we develop the most appropriate solution for the implementation of this in the smoothest way, be it a comprehensive tax due diligence review or the identification of risks in connection with a specific topic.